Goodbye, Dummy

I’ll be brief.

Things change. The internet changes. Life changes. This blog no longer holds anything for me, and I’ve decided to officially close it down. I’m sure anyone who came here regularly saw it coming through the slowing of posts, the shifting focus to my MARDL pulp writing blog, my YouTube channel, etc.

Plus, it’s really hard for me to like this blog anymore… I hurt someone I love through it by accident, and I’m eager to cut ties with it. I admit that what I did was wrong, and want to continue the healing process.

I’ll keep it up, as kind of a time capsule or archive. I appreciate anyone who came here and commented and / or enjoyed what I did here.

Thank you.

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William Gates Jr.: 1948-2009

I have been scarce lately online, and there’s a reason. Some visitors to my blogs know this, but it bears some repeating for those who don’t: my father passed away not too long ago after a brave fight with cancer, and of course, frivolous things like writing have not been at the forefront of my life.

My father was a true hero to me, throughout my life, and I only hope that he knows it now, because I never really told him enough while he was around. I did get to tell him that he had influenced me, that his amazing sense of duty and honor had snuck into my Challenger Storm character, but I regret not telling him further how I wished (and still wish) that I could live my life like he did. My dad made a difference, both in his job as a highly-decorated police detective but also in his private-life outside of law enforcement. Even after he retired he strove to help others at any cost, from giving first-aid when he was the first person to come across a horrible car-accident to when he found a tiny lizard struggling in a spider web and spent an hour with tweezers pulling every last strand of webbing off of it. He was a man in every way: tough, resilient, logical, honorable… he was all things I wish I could be. He was also the kind of guy who would talk to anybody… ANYBODY. I used to be embarrassed by this, but now I understand it and I miss it.

I miss him.

He’s gone now, leaving a hole in my life that will never be filled in. Leaving memories that I cherish, both good and not so good. He had problems with alcohol, but never became a mean drunk, just a very silly drunk. He and I didn’t get along well while I was growing up… but even then we shared little things: he took me to my first comic conventions, and he read “The More Than Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” despite not being a big reader, just because he saw how much fun I had while reading it. Wonderfully, we magically became so much closer in the last few years, and for that I’m more grateful than I could ever discuss in words.

Anyway, life goes on, and I’m “back” on the web. There’s some great stories about my dad that I planned on telling here, but I don’t think I will. I cherish every single memory of my father, and those stories will be just mine and his alone.

Besides, I’m sure that if he was still around, he’d have rather have told you about them himself, no matter who you are.

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Duty Calls

It’s a new post, and it’ll be brief.

Not too long ago, I announced that real-life was intruding, and that it was affecting prodution of any fun-time stuff. That was all true, and it continues to be: my father, who has cancer, has only had an extension added to his lifespan. His cancer is incurable, inoperable, and it looks like he has several months left at the longest.

You can understand, hopefully, that this is a devastating time of my life. Duty calls, and the fun can wait.

There will be continued work on my writing, I haven’t shelved it forever (and on rare occasions, if I’m feeling “up” enough, I’ll even pick up the quill to scribble here and there). Once things get back to a semblance of normalcy for me, I’m planning on some streamlining. In the meantime, I want to thank anyone who is interested in my writing enough to check in with me. It will come, there’ll just be another delay. Believe me, I wish it wasn’t this way.

Take care, and make sure you let those close to you know how much they mean to you.


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Apart from the super-heroic sounds, the silence is deafening…

Hello again. Remember me?

Been away awhile, but still been here. Got tired of letting you folks hang, so today I decided “Dammit, I’m going to post something, no matter how long it takes to write it at work.

A lot of things happened suddenly, leading to the radio-silence here. Stepped-up intensity at work and in college led to not being able to spend as much time giving to the internet, only able to take. Add to that the previously-mentioned health problems of my father (who I’ve only recently have begun to know, really) and the increased hours at work (my wife lost her job), and I haven’t had the energy for the creative stuff. My pulp-hero video series on YouTube is on hiatus, the typing of my Challenger Storm novel is going slllloooooowwww… I know that the good stuff will come back soon, but not until things stabilize. I’m tired… really friggin’ tired. At the end of the day right now, I really only have the energy to point and click right now… and that’s where City of Heroes and City of Villains come in.


Still here

Just wanted to let anyone who was wondering know: I’m still here, still working on the book, still making videos, etc. Real-life has intruded it’s ugly nose into my affairs: college courses and work training have demanded a lot of time lately, and to top it all off my dad has been diagnosed with serious throat-cancer. A lot on my plate, and not as much time to eat it as I’d like.

On the bright side: the training is coming to an end, college is breaking for 2 weeks soon, and my dad is getting surgery on the 4th, so hopefully I’ll be back in the saddle soon.

Thanks for tuning in and supporting me.

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Sorry it’s been a while since my last post.

Yesterday (June 4th) was my 34th birthday. It started off rocky: I only got about an hour and a half worth of sleep the night before and I was pretty bleary-eyed and listless for the first part of the day. But it ended up being a great day, and it had nothing to do with presents or special lunches or dinners (although those were had too).

No, it was a great day because my wife made it so. Something about the day was just so perfect, so magical. It’s hard to describe but it felt good… it’s been a long time since I had a day that was just so… right. I owe it all to her and her love and patience.

Thank you, Annie. I love you.

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Dave Stevens, RIP

Dave Stevens has passed away.

Forgive me if this seems odd, but his death has definitely affected me. His style, dynamic and yet so classic, was one of my all-time favorites. But more than that, The Rocketeer comics were one of my prime initiations into the world of pulp-style adventure. Stevens’ “good girl” art introduced me to the classic pin-up style of days gone by and Bettie Page.

He’s been a part of my pop-culture life since it crystallized… I drink coffee from a Rocketeer mug, for cryin’ out loud.

Look, I could write volumes about Dave’s work and his passing. I’ll just leave it at this: he will be missed, and there won’t be many more like him.

Confessions Of An Indy Whore

Have any of you heard about this movie coming out, I think in May or something, it’s called “Illinois Jones and The Kindom of Crystal Gayle” or something like that? Looks cool, but I dunno… it might suck…


Return Of The Bassman

Guess what I got?

Me and my bass

Betcha didn’t know that I used to play bass guitar, didja? I did, and for a long time, too. Took lessons and everything. At one time I had two basses, plus a sequencer, drum machine, a 4-track recorder, a keyboard, and a mess of effects-pedals, too. I’m not going to say I was great, but… if you were scouring the suburbs of Florida in the late 90’s looking for a third-rate New Order rip-off, you could do a lot worse.

Anyway, financial strains forced me to sell off my equipment about 4 years ago, and I hadn’t picked up anything with strings in that time period. I had been putting off buying another bass for the last couple of years. This year, with our bonus checks hot in our hands and with my wife’s encouragement, I got this sucker.

And it’s a 5-string, too. So, not only do I have to get used to playing all over again, I have to get used to that big-ass B-string at the top, which gives it an extra low-end sound.

But I don’t mind, because it feels so narcotically good to play again. You can probably see the grin from here.

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1. My wife makes the best tuna sandwiches in the world.

2. The live action “Tick” was so much better than I remember it. I loved it immensely the second time around (on DVD)

3. Finally, our Christmas decorations have come down. We were planning on keeping them up until our big January bonus check came again, but I think we realized we weren’t plugging in the lights anymore. Basically, we had a tree and a bunch of gaudy things in our house that would still look gaudy until after next Thanksgiving.

4. The book is coming along steadily. I’m about 2/3 of the way through. I had a lot of internal battles over things I considered “too cliche” to put into the book… until I realized “damn it, of course it’s cliche, it’s pulp“. So the cliches are still in, and it makes for good pulp.

5. “Cloverfield” seemed so cool when the first rumbles were heard from the marketing campaign. What the hell happened?

6. My brother-in-law went to jail. Long story short: karma finally strikes!

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