Happy Thanksgiving… and My Newest Pulp Video

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy turkey-day! Don’t eat too much, and be very thankful for what you have…

And now: Operator #5.

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I first became aware of cyberpunk in my sophomore year of high school with “Neuromancer” (William Gibson’s own “Citizen Kane”), and I immediately took to it. This was 1990-91, and at that time it was the most subversive and electric thing I’d ever experienced. This was the future, I felt. It was grim and ugly but full of interesting premises.

Who knew that it would lead to videos of monkeys sniffing their butts and millions of little twerps texting each other using awful grammar?

But I digress…

Soon after I discovered cyberpunk, Gibson and Bruce Sterling wrote “The Difference Engine”, which would introduce the world to steampunk. This was cool too: an extension of the Jules Verne-H.G. Wells interest I had when younger (and continue to have).

After that, I heard about splatterpunk… I’m not a fan.

Then, a few years ago, when reading about steampunk online, I discovered that the “-punks” were everywhere.

Biopunk, clockpunk, elfpunk, bronzepunk, atomicpunk… even something called stonepunk, which immediately calls to my mind “The Flintstones”. Who knew the modern stone-age family was the bleeding-edge of science-fiction?

I was ok with the first few, but now it’s getting out of hand.

AND… now they’ve gone too far by touching my beloved pulp with dieselpunk.

Now before I launch into a geektastic rant, let me go on record as saying that anything that brings the pulp-era back is a good thing in my book. It was a dark time for the human race, and yet the adventures were somehow brimming with optimism. Even in issues of The Shadow, Operator 5, and The Spider magazines (the darkest of the pulps), we were given the hope that good would triumph over all evil. Quite frankly, we need that kind of dreams-come-true optimism now.

But dieselpunk? Why? Why anything-punk?

I dunno… it seems like there’s too much genrefication these days. I’ve got mixed feelings about it: on one hand, there’s all these unique styles of sci-fi out there now, rife with new ideas. On the other hand, they’re instantly labeled and packaged, and with the most unwieldy titles. It’s almost as though we need to name something as soon as it comes along, to give it instant familiarity and assuage the fear of the new.

Then again, that’s modern society for you… consumerpunk all the way.

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