Apart from the super-heroic sounds, the silence is deafening…

Hello again. Remember me?

Been away awhile, but still been here. Got tired of letting you folks hang, so today I decided “Dammit, I’m going to post something, no matter how long it takes to write it at work.

A lot of things happened suddenly, leading to the radio-silence here. Stepped-up intensity at work and in college led to not being able to spend as much time giving to the internet, only able to take. Add to that the previously-mentioned health problems of my father (who I’ve only recently have begun to know, really) and the increased hours at work (my wife lost her job), and I haven’t had the energy for the creative stuff. My pulp-hero video series on YouTube is on hiatus, the typing of my Challenger Storm novel is going slllloooooowwww… I know that the good stuff will come back soon, but not until things stabilize. I’m tired… really friggin’ tired. At the end of the day right now, I really only have the energy to point and click right now… and that’s where City of Heroes and City of Villains come in.

I shied away from playing those “massively-multiplayer online role-playing games” for a long time. I really had no need to play online with a bunch of strangers… I guess it’s my anti-social side. But when my brother-from-another-mother Gabriel got the game (at a great price) and raved about it, well… I had to check it out.

I’m not sorry. I’m too tired to plot my characters’ adventures right now, but I can at least live them out a little on my computer screen.

The games let you make a super-character, using a massive assortment of costume, power, and origin options, then control them in a shared world with it’s own comic-style origins, storylines, factions, mythologies… At times, it’s thrilling, breathtaking fun.

Of course, the first (and main) hero I created was Challenger Storm. In this version of things, Storm has been transported from his “pulp earth” to a world and time full of super-powered heroes. He was once a big fish in a little pond, but here he could be overpowered. But Storm’s a survivor, and so invented all sorts of weapons and gadgets to help him compete. That’s the role-playing storyline behind his existence in CoH, anyway. It’s lot of fun playing at this angle, though, and it’s actually helping me get into his mind-set a bit, which could help with the writing down the road.

But Storm isn’t the only character I use: the character creation is fast and addicting, and so allows for multiple characters to be played.

My first alternate character is The Phantom Phoenix, a WWI soldier of fortune brought back from death as an Egyptian vengeance-avatar incarnate. Then there’s psychic- and psycho- criminal psychologist, OverBrain. Another is the steampunk airship captain Endymion Graves.

But what about City of Villains? I play that, too, and that has actually had an impact on future Challenger Storm villains. Would-be dictator Count Zodiac, assassin BlindSpot, rogue-ish air-pirate Simon Crowe, and the ridiculously-named Dr. Robot are all characters who’ve been created for the game and will show up in future Challenger Storm novels.

If it weren’t for the love of my beautiful wife and the brief adventures online as these characters, I think all would be bleak indeed. In the meantime, I’ll be riding out the current chain of events in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles…

(If anyone comes looking for me, I play heroes on the Liberty server, Villains on Virtue.)


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  1. Aw, I used to play CoH/CoV a while back. I think I played for a good two or three years before I just decided to spend my time elsewhere. It was a lot of fun, even though I never got a character to 50. So close, though…

  2. It’s definitely a blast, although I’m too ADD to concentrate too much on just one character. Wonder if Storm will ever see the big “5-oh”….?

  3. I MISS!

  4. I’m sorry I lost my job Donny.

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