New video: The Spider

Once again…

From the MARDL YouTube channel, yet another hero-pulp essay…

(click here, because the embedding ain’t workin’)

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  1. Glad I went back and watched this again today. I assume the tiling on the cover of The Spider Strikes was intentional (not a look I favor, I get that enough from Comcast). Shame image of Ram Singh was a bit blurred and not as clear as Wentworth and Van Sloane. Otherwise excellent visual tribute.

    “The Spider was a crime-fighter in the tradition of The Shadow, wanted by the law for executing his criminal antagonists, and prefigured later comic book superheroes like Batman. Page’s innovations to the series included a hideous disguise for the hero and a succession of super-scientific menaces for him to combat. One of these, involving an invasion of giant robots, was copied by an early Superman story and helped inspire the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.[1]” Wikipedia entry on Norvell W. Page

    1 ^ Norvell Page, The Spider: Robot Titans of Gotham, Baen Books, 2007; back cover blurb.

  2. Ashamedly, I must admit to only ever reading one Spider story (“Prince of the Red Looters” aka “Prince of Evil”). I must read more!

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