Almost home…

As promised earlier, here’s a book update:

It’s almost done. Maybe even over the weekend.

Now, being done doesn’t necessarily mean being DONE, ok? The way I’ve had to write is this: write it out on paper in long-hand, then type it into the computer, editing and proofing as I go. Then, of course, comes the fun part: submissions. However, I do have a few interested parties waiting…

Anyway, for the purpose of this posting, “done” is being finished with the hardest part for me, the actual writing. On paper.

Stay tuned, folks… and thanks for your continued interest in my project. I hope it turns out good for you.

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New video: G8 & His Battle Aces

While you’re waiting on a book update (I promise one very soon), have a gander at the latest hero-pulp essay from my MARDL channel on YouTube.

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New video: The Spider

Once again…

From the MARDL YouTube channel, yet another hero-pulp essay…

(click here, because the embedding ain’t workin’)

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