New video: The Phantom Detective

From the MARDL YouTube channel, the second hero-pulp video essay:

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  1. Very nice and I didn’t have to pause it. 🙂

    According to Jeff Rovin’s “Encyclopedia of Super Heroes” the red signal used to summon the Phantom to police headquarters was the inspiration for the bat-signal.

    Looking forward to the Black Bat (second incarnation) if you’re planning to do one. Also Doc Savage and The Spider. My buddy Bobb Cotter is currently writing a book on Doc for McFarland Publishing.

  2. Yeah, I forgot to put in that bit about the signal. I realized it the day after uploading it. D’oh!

    Next up is indeed Doc and Spider movies. The Doc video is going to be a bit bombastic, but I think it needs to be.

    I’m doing these in order that the heroes appeared, so a Black Bat will be in the works down the line. And now that I’m winding down the writing of my own pulp novel, hopefully there’ll be a new trailer for that up too.

  3. You could always eventually do a pulp mag cover/pages comic cover/pages denoting (depending on how much is on the ‘net image wise for “borrowing”) the influences – do one on Batman and one on Superman or on Superman and then Batman since Supes came first.

  4. Oh, definitely. I always thought it was interesting that “Clark Kent” could possibly have been derived from “Clark Savage” and “Kent Allard”. And after reading recent articles about how much the first Batman story borrowed from The Shadow’s “Partners Of Peril”, I think one of those should definitely be in the works. We gotta school the kids!

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