Dave Stevens, RIP

Dave Stevens has passed away.

Forgive me if this seems odd, but his death has definitely affected me. His style, dynamic and yet so classic, was one of my all-time favorites. But more than that, The Rocketeer comics were one of my prime initiations into the world of pulp-style adventure. Stevens’ “good girl” art introduced me to the classic pin-up style of days gone by and Bettie Page.

He’s been a part of my pop-culture life since it crystallized… I drink coffee from a Rocketeer mug, for cryin’ out loud.

Look, I could write volumes about Dave’s work and his passing. I’ll just leave it at this: he will be missed, and there won’t be many more like him.


Confessions Of An Indy Whore

Have any of you heard about this movie coming out, I think in May or something, it’s called “Illinois Jones and The Kindom of Crystal Gayle” or something like that? Looks cool, but I dunno… it might suck…