Return Of The Bassman

Guess what I got?

Me and my bass

Betcha didn’t know that I used to play bass guitar, didja? I did, and for a long time, too. Took lessons and everything. At one time I had two basses, plus a sequencer, drum machine, a 4-track recorder, a keyboard, and a mess of effects-pedals, too. I’m not going to say I was great, but… if you were scouring the suburbs of Florida in the late 90’s looking for a third-rate New Order rip-off, you could do a lot worse.

Anyway, financial strains forced me to sell off my equipment about 4 years ago, and I hadn’t picked up anything with strings in that time period. I had been putting off buying another bass for the last couple of years. This year, with our bonus checks hot in our hands and with my wife’s encouragement, I got this sucker.

And it’s a 5-string, too. So, not only do I have to get used to playing all over again, I have to get used to that big-ass B-string at the top, which gives it an extra low-end sound.

But I don’t mind, because it feels so narcotically good to play again. You can probably see the grin from here.

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