1. My wife makes the best tuna sandwiches in the world.

2. The live action “Tick” was so much better than I remember it. I loved it immensely the second time around (on DVD)

3. Finally, our Christmas decorations have come down. We were planning on keeping them up until our big January bonus check came again, but I think we realized we weren’t plugging in the lights anymore. Basically, we had a tree and a bunch of gaudy things in our house that would still look gaudy until after next Thanksgiving.

4. The book is coming along steadily. I’m about 2/3 of the way through. I had a lot of internal battles over things I considered “too cliche” to put into the book… until I realized “damn it, of course it’s cliche, it’s pulp“. So the cliches are still in, and it makes for good pulp.

5. “Cloverfield” seemed so cool when the first rumbles were heard from the marketing campaign. What the hell happened?

6. My brother-in-law went to jail. Long story short: karma finally strikes!

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“Isle Of Blood” teaser trailer

From the MARDL Youtube channel:

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