Giving Thanks

This year, I’m thankful for:

-My wife, Annie, whom I have neglected far too long. A shake-up not too long ago could have pushed us apart. Instead we are closer than ever now, and my life is far richer because I realized what I had before it was gone.

-My pets.

-My friends Bill and Chuck… although I haven’t talked to them in so long, they might not be my friends any longer. I miss them so much… but contacting them is hard for me to do… I have a long period of silence to make up for.

-My online friends (“e-friends”? “i-quaintences”?): Gabe, Retro, Dave, and Tom: my friends as well as my MARDL feedback-squad. Their help, support, opinions, and friendship are appreciated far more than they will know.

-My parents, though they are now far away in Canada. I miss them, and holidays without them are going to be bizarre indeed.

-My parents-in-law, who treat me like a son.

-My good health, and the continuing good health of those I love.

-My ability to carry through (so far) in writing my book. Hopefully it will continue.

-Finally, anyone who comes here (lurkers, regulars, or accidental stumblers) and has enjoyed my meager observations, anecdotes, and rants.

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  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank you sir, back atcha!

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