Challenger Storm Micro-Hero!! (and a quick update)

Challenger Storm micro hero

Using the wonderfulness found at Copper Age Comics’ miro-heroes, (plus some free-hand bitmapping) I made this neat lil’ Storm Micro-hero (with some help from the wife, who used to like paper dolls when she was a kid).

Gotta fix it in little ways we forgot, like his gloves and his left-handedness, but otherwise it’s cool, like a little Challenger Storm action figure.

Also, as an update, writing is coming along… a little slow than I’d like, but it’s chugging along nicely. I just finished the first really major action scene, and it was a blast to write. Thanks for tuning in!

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Giving Thanks

This year, I’m thankful for:


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“Which one? Ackroyd? Belushi?… Goodman??”

So today is part of a special “customer service” week at my job, and it’s “Favorite Era Day”, where you can dress up in the clothes reflective of your favorite time-period.

“Well,” I think, “this is a good excuse to wear my suit and fedora, give ’em a taste of the golden era of the ’30s and ’40s. This time last year, I wore my fedora by itself into work and got told it was a ‘pimp hat’. Maybe the suit will keep that from happening?” My wife warned me against this, reminding me of the time years ago I dressed as The Crow for Halloween and people thought I was a mime. Pig-headedly, I persevered, ignoring her attempts to keep me from embarrassment.

So, I get all suited up with my lid and suit and trudge into work. And what am I met with? This:

“Blues Brothers!”
“Blues Brothers?”
“Hey, a Blues Brother!”
“Hey, Blues Brother, where’s your sunglasses and harmonica?”

And, my favorite:

“Afternoon, rabbi.”

What, no “Hey, pimp!” this year?

I need a beer.

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