My First Pulp Tribute Movie

Not 100% satisfied with the length vs. music thing, but I think I did OK, with some help from the lovely Annie.

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OMG, I’m The Dumbest Man Alive

I sat, agonizing, waiting for someone to comment on my pulp writing blog. To read just a bit of encouragement. I know that the MARDL feedback-crew like my stuff, but what about Johnny and Sally Q. Pulpfan? Nothing, not a tick. Nobody, but NOBODY has said a single word about my stuff. I take it to mean that my stuff sucks, that my ideas aren’t worth a damn. My self-confidence takes a shot to the gut.

Then, realization dawns on me. Something Dave Flora said when I posted my art. He said he tried to comment but it said he had to sign in. I thought it was a fluke and apologized.

Today, faced with exhasperation, I tried posting a test comment under different information.

Woudn’t you just know it? I never set the comments up for anyone to comment unless they were logged in. And I’M the only one who logs in here.

I feel so stupid, but kinda happy at the same time. Maybe nobody commented after all, but maybe- just MAYBE-somebody tried and was unable to.

Just like maybe- just MAYBE- I shouldn’t be drinking anything unless it’s in a double-handled sippy cup.

Oy… what a moron.

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