Celebrities I’m Mistaken For


According to my brother- and sister-in law, my 2 year-old niece apparently thinks Homer Simpson is me. When asked who it is at stores or on TV, she replies “Uncle Donny”.

My wife and I blew it off as exaggeration, until they came over last weekend and brought her.

The first thing she did as she walked into the house was to walk over to my plant-less Homer Simspon Chia-pet. She pointed to it and turned to me, with the most earnest expression I’ve ever seen, and asked: “Is that you?”

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?


I had a cold this week and haven’t shaved. I’m looking kinda rough but feeling better… but I have a nearly-full beard. I didn’t style my hair into it’s normal spiky self, so it kinda hangs in a short “Caeser” look today.

Shortly after I got to work today, a new rep in the next cubicle turned to me and said: “You look kinda like that guy from ‘300’.

“Except, y’know… fatter.”


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  1. I suppose that being mistaken for celebrities can be a good thing…especially if the celebrity is alive. Of course, with Homer Simpson, I don’t know if that applies, so…..hmm.
    Hey, at least it wasn’t Orson Wells, eh?) Well, I mean…when he got old, drunk and fat..not the young and cool Orson Wells.

    As for me, well, I do a pretty mean Jimmy Stewart imitation. Yup.



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