Presenting: The Mediocre Artwork of Don Gates (or: Things That Make You Go “Meh”)

Well, as I always threatened to do, I have taken steps to put some of my artwork online.

A word of warning: I did these at work, on yellow lined paper. At the end of the day we shred our notes, so these were torn from those notes (hence the rough edges). Also, the pics were taken with our digital camera, in a rush… hence the non-scanner quality. And some wouldn’t re-size too well, so you have to click the link to see them. Excuses, excuses…

And now, for your viewing (dis)pleasure:

First, some illustrations of my pulp character projects-

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The Black Wing.

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An early attempt to illustrate my characters The Cipher and Challenger Storm (note the pre-hood version of The Cipher).

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Another early pic of The Cipher (pre-hood again) and Clifton “Challenger” Storm, in action this time.

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A “title card” of sorts, illustrating the opening prologue from “Isle of Blood”

Next up, some horror stuff-

Foul Lich Priest (see it here.)

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Robert W. Chambers’ “The King In Yellow”

Lovecraft’s Egg- a tattoo design (I’m proud of this one… see it here.)

HPL’s Mythos Babies. They’ll steal your soul… and warm your heart! (See ’em here.)

And finally, something wistful-

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“Dream” (detail)



Absolutely, positively, 100% NOTHING is going on with me.

All my blog friends have something to talk about, something going on. Me? I’ve been writing my book (not as much as I’d like, though), working (WAY more than I’d like), spending time with my wife and the pets, playing a few video games… are you yawning yet?

Hell, I feel like I just wasted your time by writing this, it’s so boring. If you’ve stopped by to check on me, though, I appreciate it. I promise I’ll start posting again, just as soon as something exciting (or at least different) happens.

In the meantime, here’s a silly video my wife made for this Youtube Idol competition she’s in (she’s in the running to be a judge).

For my part, I’m proud of the “Hey!”.

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Celebrities I’m Mistaken For


According to my brother- and sister-in law, my 2 year-old niece apparently thinks Homer Simpson is me. When asked who it is at stores or on TV, she replies “Uncle Donny”.

My wife and I blew it off as exaggeration, until they came over last weekend and brought her.

The first thing she did as she walked into the house was to walk over to my plant-less Homer Simspon Chia-pet. She pointed to it and turned to me, with the most earnest expression I’ve ever seen, and asked: “Is that you?”

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?


I had a cold this week and haven’t shaved. I’m looking kinda rough but feeling better… but I have a nearly-full beard. I didn’t style my hair into it’s normal spiky self, so it kinda hangs in a short “Caeser” look today.

Shortly after I got to work today, a new rep in the next cubicle turned to me and said: “You look kinda like that guy from ‘300’.

“Except, y’know… fatter.”


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