I Don’t Know What She Sees In Me

*Me: Hey, where’d you get this ring?

*The Wife: Which one?

*Me: This one here… with the skull on it. (See the ring here.)

*The Wife: Oh, that. I’ve had it for years. I wore it the other night when we went out.

*Me: I know that. I meant: where did you get it from, originally?

*The Wife: (Thinks) I really don’t remember. I think someone gave it to me. Why?

*Me: Well… I think it’s The Phantom’s ring.

*The Wife: …What?

*Me: Look, it’s The Phantom’s ring. (Goes to the DVD shelves, pulls “The Phantom” out and compares the rings, while hoping The Wife doesn’t notice the words “SLAM EVIL!” on the cover of the movie) That’s cool.

*The Wife: You’re excited, aren’t you?

*Me: Damn straight I am! (Squeezes it onto his pinky finger) I’m “The Ghost Who Walks” now.

*The Wife: (Sighing) It’s like living with a 2 year-old.

*Me: Nah. 4 year-old, tops.

Slam Evil!

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  1. LOL i love it! It’s like something out that Paul Reiser sitcom!

  2. I wear my Shadow ring everyday. About once a month, someone asks me where I graduated from.

  3. LOL, Retro.

    I’ll tell them I’m a member of The Skulls when they ask about my Phantom ring.

  4. …You’re a member of the Skrulls?

    Oh, just you guys wait…I’ll have a Revenant Ring, one of these days…)


  5. Kree bastards…

    And yes, Dave. A Revenant ring would be cool, ESPECIALLY if you could include the spirit of a dead pulp hero in it.

  6. I am going to say she see the awesome. Now if she had the Fred Flintstone ring from Ford Fairlane then more questions would need to be asked.

  7. LOL, I haven’t thought about that in years.

  8. I want to see an image of the phantom´s ring, to my friend , cause he wants to do a tatoo of this image , but we don´t find any good image. Can you tell me some site or send me an image of it?
    Thank you

  9. Patricia,

    Ask and ye shall receive: http://www.bossescomics.com/Comics/Fant_ring_dodsk_aus.jpg

    The same ring, incidentally, I wrote about here. ^_^

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