I Miss You Guys

Work has been… difficult lately. I have been trained to be a specialist in 5 different fields here… and still make just as much as everyone else here, regardless of level. That’s the way that my job works; in our home office, they give raises out like candy… you get one simply if you manage not to call in sick for a week (an exaggeration, but you get the gist). The office I work in is the red-headed step-child of our company: home office has a cafeteria, we have a (crappy) snack machine. We feel so loved!

As I’ve stated 4,795 times before, I blog from work. With the occasional post from home on weekends, I do this stuff on the fly (and on the down-low) from the salt mines. And because of the increase in work load, it’s getting tougher to post. And I miss the HELL out of it. I notice that visitors are getting fewer and fewer. Posting here let me blow off steam, let me commune with people who weren’t morons. The only pleasure I get now at work is lunch and breaks, when I can get away and write my damn book and be wonderfully anti-social. I still plan to post here, but I just want to let the faithful few know that, once again, the posts are slowing down.

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  1. Pray for Jesus to return and punish the wicked, Don. I’m going through sort of the same thing where I work…it’s kind of like “Office Space”, only with educators. In the end, it doesn’t really matter where you are.


  2. “Yeeaaahh…”

    That guy from the movie is my boss, eternally clutched coffee cup included.

    Thanks for the support, Dave.

  3. *gives him the red stapler* Yeahhh, well…. Here’s Milton’s stapler. We’re making room for some new personnel and we neeeeed you to tell him he’s being moved. Oh and ignore his twitchiness. Its nothing. Thaaaanks.

  4. Yeeeaaaaahhh, thaaaanks Gabe. Yeaaahhh…

  5. Preach!

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