Gotta Get Me A Ray Gun!

As if anyone cares, here’s a post about what I’m reading now.

Well, I finished that Captain Future “High Adventure” reprint last week. I gotta say, that was a freakin’ BLAST to read. I really wish “Sky Captain” creator and director Kerry Conran would get ahold of the character for a film. It’d be gee-whiz, eye-popping, space-opera fun.

By the way, I don’t actually read as slow as it seems I do… finding the time to read, that’s the trouble.

Anyway, moving on. I’ve started another Shadow novel: “Mobsmen On The Spot”. It’s a pretty early Shadow, notable for introducing gangland-agent Cliff Marsland into the fold. Interesting, too, is the moment when The Shadow inducts him. There’s an exchange that indicates the two men knew each other in WWI under completely different guises. Just when it gets good, though, Walter Gibson yanks the rug out from under the conversation and doesn’t return to the topic. Interesting… and infuriating.

Then again, The Shadow is all about mystery, so I can’t complain. If every event and detail about his life was plainly explained, I would have tired of him long ago and gone on to worship some other hero.

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  1. this sounds absolutely killer!

  2. Here’s your raygun!! And it’s only $600 dollars!



  3. That’s just too cool!

  4. *rummages through his old physics and electrical engineering textbooks and notes*

    Maybe i can make a self-actuating cyclotronic generator and charge these puppies up!

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