I Miss You Guys

Work has been… difficult lately. I have been trained to be a specialist in 5 different fields here… and still make just as much as everyone else here, regardless of level. That’s the way that my job works; in our home office, they give raises out like candy… you get one simply if you manage not to call in sick for a week (an exaggeration, but you get the gist). The office I work in is the red-headed step-child of our company: home office has a cafeteria, we have a (crappy) snack machine. We feel so loved!

As I’ve stated 4,795 times before, I blog from work. With the occasional post from home on weekends, I do this stuff on the fly (and on the down-low) from the salt mines. And because of the increase in work load, it’s getting tougher to post. And I miss the HELL out of it. I notice that visitors are getting fewer and fewer. Posting here let me blow off steam, let me commune with people who weren’t morons. The only pleasure I get now at work is lunch and breaks, when I can get away and write my damn book and be wonderfully anti-social. I still plan to post here, but I just want to let the faithful few know that, once again, the posts are slowing down.

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Awfully Quiet In Here…

Posts have been few and far between, and I realize that. I’m sorry, I’ll try to do better. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my pulp novels lately, and honestly… I think I’ve run out of even remotely interesting things to say. I have a few posts that I started and then saved because I ran out of steam, so I’ll eventually finish them, I’m sure. But in the meantime…

I got nothin’.

Here. Watch this and tell me you don’t want to learn Japanese, just so you can figure out just what the hell he’s so passionate about:

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Captain America, Manga, And Rubber Ears/ Post No. 109

(Before I begin, I want to mention that this is post #109, which somehow has become kind of a lucky number for me. So excuse the length of the rant below…)

I was reading an article about Marvel comics in Fortune magazine the other day, and it stated that Marvel is currently working on movies based on “characters not as easily recognized by today’s kids” as X-Men and Spider-Man. Two of the examples they list is Thor and Captain America.

OK, I can understand Thor maybe, but CAPTAIN FRIGGIN’ AMERICA!! ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!

The guys a legend, an icon, a symbol for all that’s still good and right in America, and it’s potential to be great. He just DIED not long ago, for Pete’s sake! You little bastards don’t know Captain America?!Gosh!!


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A Good Example Of Why I’m A Gemini

After hearing on talk radio today that phys-ed. courses are being offered online at some schools, two thoughts immediately sprang to mind:

– Wha..?! Ridiculous! Who the hell thought of that crazy idea?


-Why couldn’t they have thought of this when I was in school?

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Yay!! My First Spam Comment!!

I’ve hit the big time! I got a loan offer! I’m leaving it up, just as a milestone on my blogging highway, and giving it the Silly Walks Award Of No Good Reason:

I'm sorry if I'm a little late, my walk has become rather silly lately.

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When I was a kid, my walls were plastered with posters. As I grew older, my tastes changed and these posters reflected that. My parents were…quietly understanding when it came to puberty, so when I put up the occasional babe-in-a-bikini poster, there was no uproar. My mom just didn’t mention it, while my father tended to linger if he came into my room for something. These posters, along with the others, were packed up and forgotten when I left home, destined to sit, forgotten, in a sealed box in the attic of my parent’s home.

When my folks moved to Canada recently, it came time to get all those boxes of toys and various junk out of that attic and into my house, where I’ve been going through them, throwing some toys away while keeping others. I had a huge toy collection, so it’s been a slow- and surprising- process. I had a Chuck Norris action figure? Really?

Anyway, when we got to the poster box, the Mrs. and I went through it with the usual interest reserved for the other boxes. Each poster was a different walk down memory lane.

Here’s a poster of a Lamborghini Countach, a car that seemed so futuristic in the ’80’s.


And here’s a poster of an Sr-71 Blackbird. Man, weren’t they neat?


And here’s a poster of The Tick, bought shortly before I moved out.


And here’s a poster of a busty blonde bimbo.


I held it in my hands, my wife behind me gazing upon it. It was from the late 80’s I guess, a blonde girl in some kind of ridiculous bikini-shorts-mesh shirt-fingerless glove combo. I probably got it at Spencer’s or somewhere like that.

It was during puberty, dammit! Who are you to judge me?!

Anyway, this photographic time-bomb opened that classic Riddle of The Sphinx that females since the dawn of time have been asking of us men (and most of us here at this blog are men, or something close):

“Do you think she’s pretty?”

(There are variations, but it’s all the same question essentially… a question which has no un-booby-trapped answer. Hehe… “boobies”.)

The sweating started. “No.”

“You liar!”

“Well, I thought she was pretty, back when I got the poster.”


“Well, I guess I thought she was pretty at the time, but not now. Look at her, she’s got feathered ’80’s hair. She might as well have been in Whitesnake.”

“You thought she was pretty? Look at her. She’s hideous.”

Truthfully, she wasn’t attractive to me, not now. My tastes have matured. I prefer redheads and brunettes over blondes now. I grew to prefer character and personality in the faces of who I’m attracted to (this leads to an ongoing thing between my wife and I: how could I have ever found Gillian Anderson sexy? My answer:


Anyway, it could have turned into a full blown thing, with many variations: “If you think she’s pretty, and she’s ugly, and you think I’m pretty, then I must be ugly too if you find ugly women attractive” (got that?), or “How could you find me pretty when you like girls built like that and I’m not”, etc. It’s a classic male-vs-female struggle that will rage until the earth falls into the sun.

But it didn’t turn into that. I defused it. I told her, with all honesty, that without a doubt no one is as beautiful to me in the world as she is. She’s the new measuring-stick for beauty in my eyes. I didn’t know what beauty was before her, and no one is as beautiful in the world as she is to me, and no one ever will be. For once, the argument didn’t rage and go on for a while, and that poster, and the others, are in the garbage.

(Thank God I threw out the Playboys years ago.)

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A Dream, Fulfilled

As mentioned before:

Dummy... Simpsons style!

And now I can die in peace.

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Gotta Get Me A Ray Gun!

As if anyone cares, here’s a post about what I’m reading now.


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Another Random Monday

*Dr. X
If you ever get a chance, see “Dr. X”. It’s a pretty neat old horror flick.

*Comic book movies I caught up on finally:
-The Punisher- Nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.
-Fantastic Four- Ditto.
-Daredevil- Not too bad.
-Ghost Rider- I want 2 hours of my life back.
(The above reviews show how high my tolerance of bad super-hero movies can be)

*I miss the cartoons of my youth.

*I know know what I would look like as a “Simpsons” character.

*I mentioned earlier that I like Journey. I don’t, however, like their videos. Be prepared for… AIR KEYBOARD PLAYING!!

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