Another Guilty Pleasure, Shot Down


I was really hoping the whole “Sopranos” final episode-thing would actually reunite Steve Perry with Journey.

Damn. Seriously.

I love their particular brand of 80’s rock-cheese; to me, it’s more than just kitch. I actually enjoy their music. And, yes, I played their arcade game in the ’80’s.

I originally put “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Only The Young”, “Be Good To Yourself”, “Separate Ways”, and “Wheel In The Sky” on my XBOX hard drive just so I could listen to them when playing “GTA: Vice City” (There’s no Journey on the original soundtrack?! An abomination, I tell you!). But recently put their whole greatest hits on it, just so I could hear the other songs while playing. I skipped “Open Arms”, though. Too wimpy.

I have all sorts of music in my CD collection, from Goth and Industrial to Big Band to Country to Soundtrack Orchestrations to Spike friggin’ Jones. But Journey… they hold a special, cheesy place in that collection.


Whatever was going on on their album covers, it looked pretty cool!

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  1. Remember the Atari game “Journey Escape”?

    I played that to death. Having no idea that it was about a band.

  2. Unfortunately, I never played the home version. I only remember playing the arcade game at a toy store in the mall. I remember that the band-members were little stick figures with black and white photographs for their heads. I remember even as a kid, I was thinking “WTF?”

  3. Ah, my brother loved that stuff. It’s one of the things I remember about getting ready in the morning for school..hearing him playing Journey songs in his room.
    I’m not nostalgic about 80’s music at all…but I did enjoy seeing that album cover.

    You can probably download and play the game on your PC.


  4. I say blame REO Speedwagon for it.

  5. Dave- Thanks for the link. You’re gonna make me misty!

    Boski- I blame everything in the world on Speedwagon.

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