Would you think strangely of me if I revealed to you…

that I have no cable? No satellite system?

Even stranger than that, my wife and I don’t even have a UHF-capable TV. No rabbit ears. Nothing like that at all. Unless it’s on video or DVD, we don’t watch TV.

Go ahead and gape at me like I’m a wild-man in a freak-show. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Done? OK.

At first, it was out of necessity: when the in-laws (her brother and his brood) moved in with us, we had to cut unnecessary corners with our expenses. The first thing to go was our cable; at first, the vacuum it created was palpable. What would my wife do without her reality TV? What would I do without the History Channel (also known as “The Luftwaffe Station”)?

After the initial shock, we kinda settled into not having cable. We read a lot more, played games or conversed more. It was like detoxing from a drug. It wasn’t bad. If we really want to see a TV show, it’ll probably be out on DVD eventually.

Those pesky, ungrateful in-laws moved out in January (and have since found themselves in the same predicament my wife and I were in when they were here… BWAHAHAHAHA!!). Surprisingly, once we found ourselves on more stable financial footing, we didn’t go running out to buy cable again (or satellite, or rabbit ears). Why? My wife still loves her reality shows, I still love to watch the History Channel and Cartoon Network. Why not? Maybe it’s because our life, after spending so long in turmoil (it was like our life was on “pause”), has become so pleasantly quiet now. TV sometimes just seems like so much noise when we watch it at others’ houses now. It’s enjoyable, don’t get me wrong, but it seems that it’s a waste of a lot of time. Although we talk about getting it again, we just don’t need it right now.

Besides, if we want entertainment, there’s always YouTube.

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  1. Welcome to the fold, Don! My wife and I have lived without cable or satelite for more than 3 years and don’t miss it a bit. In fact, we often wonder how we had the time before to watch the silly thing! We talk, take walks, sit out back and work on our own projects and hobbies (I usually do art every day now). When we move out to the farm in a few years, there will be gardens to tend and livestock that will need even more time.
    In short, we’ve been too busy living to “watch” anything. It’s a good life.


  2. It is… freeing isn’t it? 😉

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