Into The Future

Well, I finished The Shadow’s “Malmordo”. It was the best of the later Shadow novels I’ve ever read, with some truly surprising twists along the way. I’m still having a hard time with the villain chewing through wood like a rat, but the novel was FULL of rat imagery, so it totally fits.

Why is it every time an inspector or scientist shows up to help the police in those Shadow novels, they always turn out to be the main villain?

Anyway. Moving on, I’ve begun reading the latest issue of the High Adventure pulp reprints. It’s “Captain Future’s Challenge” this time (from the third issue of “Captain Future”, Summer 1940). It may be a bit juvenile in it’s wide-eyed innocence and optimistic futurism, but it’s fun. I can remember my grandfather (the one that built the rocket) and I making paper airplanes in his front yard early one evening when I was a kid. While he was showing me how to add rudders and flaps to make them turn and dive, he was telling me about the old Buster Crabbe “Flash Gordon” serials, how the rockets would swoop in on wires. He got a far-away look in his eyes, and I always wanted to read something from those old-school “space opera” days.


High Adventure 94

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  1. I love that cover. It’s obvious where artists working for DC get their ideas from. Shame that Marvel can’t be that good or dynamic. Their attempts at drama are shallow and over the top.

  2. Sadly, amen.

  3. […] I finished that Captain Future “High Adventure” reprint last week. I gotta say, that was a freakin’ BLAST to read. I really wish “Sky […]

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