Birthday Blah-g

Yesterday (or Monday, if you’re reading this tomorrow… wha?) was my birthday. Yay. My old friends Depression and Self-Doubt were on hand to wish me a big “Happy 33rd”. I’ll spare the details, but for a while I was having some issues, and I forced myself to wear a happy mask for my loved-ones. Inside, I was a wreck, and unable to enjoy anything.

Today, so far, is much better.

I’ve produced one of the best doodles in a long time (I can’t call them drawings or art, because they’re always done at work on scratch paper). It’s a decent visualization of one of the characters I’m working on (The Black Wing), a classic “flying hero” type picture (you know, hero defiantly looking up in the sky while his plane symbolically flies by behind him). It inspired me to come out of my creative funk a little. I’m working on more information about some of my characters, and will have feedback up on the Miami Aerodrome blog as soon as I get it.

In the meantime, some of my birthday gifts are giving me some inspirational boosts as well: “The League Of Exraordinary Gentlemen: Vol. 2”, and “Band Of Brothers”) are terrific entertainment and have got the old wheels squeaking upstairs.

Also, I’ve still got half an ice-cream cake in the freezer, and that’s definitely a good thing (mmm… ice-cream cake… drool…).

PS: Thanks to me giving in to my wife “just trying something”, my once dark-brown hair is now orange. I look like a Skittle 🙂

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  1. Orange hair? Cool!! Do any super powers come with it? Man….some guys get all the cool stuff…
    Don’t fret, Don….I just turned 39, and I can say my life is better (re: more like how I would want) than ever before!
    I should probably own a copy of “League…” and I should DEFINATELY see “Band of Brothers”.
    Happy Belated!


  2. *grabs Don, rears back and DELIVERS A BONE CRUSHING HEADBUTT to his forehead* Happy birthday Don!

  3. Dave-
    Thanks for the kind words. So far, the only super power I seem to have is the ability to hold down the mightiest of couches.

    … Of course, I had those powers before the orange hair so who knows?


    Thanks. (Holds nose, gushing blood) 😉

  4. Belated Happy Birthday to you sir. Keep up the good work.

  5. Still tryin’ to stay a-float… look for the orange hair bobbing in the water! Thanks for the birthday wishes.


  7. THANK YOU!! 😀

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