Didja Ever Wonder…

Why is it we get the crappiest movie posters in the U.S.?

Example: Sky Captain (’cause I’ve been thinking about it a bit lately, natch)

Italian Sky Captain

Spanish Sky Captain

United States:
US Sky Captain


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  1. You know…it is interesting to note the differences. The foreign posters are very…people..centered, whereas the American poster is very action centered. I guess the different countries are interested in different focuses.
    As for me, I like the U.S. poster just fine….I find the others to be a bit…awkward?


  2. To me, the foreign ones are more reminiscent of the old-Hollywood movie posters. Plus, they showed more of the “robot menace”. The U.S. poster was kind of static: unless you’ve seen the trailer, it’s not clear what you’re seeing on the poster. But maybe it’s just me. 😛

  3. Good grief! Italy’s poster looks AMAZING!!!!

  4. That’s my fave, too.

    That great shot (near the end) of Joe and Polly, holding each other in the spotlight with the shadows of Totenkopf’s flying robots on the cave wall behind them… that would have been such a cool pulp cover. Watch the movie again and look for it.

  5. *feels his Photoshop-OCD and ADD kick in*
    ….stare at covers and posters and boot up… Photoshop…

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