A Pulp Museum… How Cool Is That ?!

From the Coming Attractions website:

“The Lester Dent Museum of Pulp History – Now accepting donations!

The Lester Dent Museum of Pulp History is a go!

Wayne Judge recently moved to LaPlata (MO) with the intention of starting a full fledged museum to Lester Dent.
After much thought that idea evolved into a museum for ALL pulps in the hometown of and dedicated to Lester Dent.

A special sneak peek opening is scheduled for this years LaPlata Doc Con. Local interested citizens have come together and an entire new building is being built to house the museum. 10,000 square feet! It will feature exhibits on pulp art and authors, history, life size dioramas,Old Time Radio (with listening stations) and even Movie Serials. The museum is taking donations of items for the museum and any donor will be credited,and their name put on the “Friends of the Museum” plaque. This is a collection for all of pulpdom and starting next year will begin hosting a pulp convention of its own as well. Think about that, a permanent pulp venue!

The museum will be located in a temporary location starting this October until the new building is completed. It has already received generous donations from Tom and Ginger Johnson, Chuck Juzek, Ron Hanna, Barney Dannelke, and others. Wayne Judge is happy to answer any and all questions concerning the museum or the Doc Savage convention. Just shoot him an email! Wayne will be at the Windy City Convention promoting the Museum (as well as his books). Those that know him know of my dedication to this, my dream. Wayne hopes to see you in LaPlata over the next year or so!


Chuck Juzek has made an incredible and generous donation to the museum.
Chuck donated seven boxes of material including:
A FULL RUN of Capt. Future including all the Startling Stories appearances
All the Captain Future paperback reprints
A FULL RUN of Fantastic Stories and Fantastic Stories Quarterly
Rare Big Little Buck Rogers and Big Little style Flash Gordon and Brick Bradford books
SUPER RARE Big Big Book of Buck Rogers
Spider paperbacks (virtually every incarnation) and Spider Reprints
Several collections of full size and “card size” pulp cover reproductions on high quality photo paper.
These are really stunning pieces! AND…Theres one more box yet to come!
Chuck’s amazing donation now allows (demands actually!) a featured Captain Future exhibit and will help to round out the Sci-Fi, and Spider exhibits too! The Captain Future exhibit will feature the plaque dedicated to Chuck as well (he’s also the author of the Captain Future Handbook coming from Wild Cat Books).


Tom and Ginger Johnson, Mark Lambert, Ron Hanna, Barney Dannelke, and more have already made contributions!
Contact Wayne Judge to make your museum contribution.
When you donate you get a brass nameplate on the “Friends of the Museum” plaque.

Additionally, Wayne has announced that there are certain individuals that should be on the “Friends of the Museum” plaque for the simple reason that they have done so much for pulpdom over the years.
The very least The museum can do is say “Thank You”.
Wayne is adding names in threes and will gladly take suggestions on more names and people along the lines of this criteria. The first 3 names added as a “Thank You” from pulpdom and the museum are:
Wooda “Nick” Carr
Anthony Tollin
Bill Thom”

For any pulp fan, this is a dream come true, and feels a bit like a long-overdue validation of a nearly forgotten form of entertainment. Can’t wait to see pictures (’cause yours truly ain’t flyin’ out to LaPlata anytime soon)!

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  1. @#$%!!!

    NYC gets nothing this cool. No Star Trek cons, no GenCons.. not even museums this cool. Cept for the Museum of TV & Radio. I get my monthly fix of old time radio/TV there.

  2. Yeah man, but you’re in NEW YORK. You have Doc Savage’s 86th Floor and The Shadow’s sanctum, and King Kong and Spiderman and every other fictional character seems to live there, too.

    You know what we get in Florida? Miami Vice and The Golden Girls. I (guiltily) like both shows, but they’re nowhere near as cool as the stuff set in New York.

  3. Sigh….
    Try Kentucky.
    Wait…I LIKE it that nothing happens here!)


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