‘Ol Shellhead, Revealed

As a kid, my friend Derek and I would bicycle up to the local 7-11 in our neighborhood, pockets bulging with allowance money. And we’d blow it all on Hubba Bubba bubble gum, Slurpees, Charleston Chews, and comic books.

I wasn’t a “comic fan” yet. I had yet to develop a fondness for tight plotting, crisp artwork, character development. What I was a fan of, though, was characters who were, to my 11-year-old brain, “cool”. I liked Daredevil a lot, but my favorite at the time was Iron Man.

There’s a movie coming out, of course, with a big budget, critically acclaimed cast, yada yada yada. My thing was: What’s the damn suit look like?

Here’s the answer, and I’m pretty damn happy. (That’s a suit, by the way, not CGI.)

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  1. !!!

    Well color me impressed!

    There will always be room for the practical F/X guy. That’s why I’m not too fond of the new Doctor Who series. Everything is CGI and the show itself has that freaking over sharpened digital video look to it.

    Plus I hate how the producer/writer has changed things around. Feh. What do I expect from someone who was a soap opera writer before?

  2. This has the possibility of being pretty darned cool! I was a big Iron Man fan growing up too (my brother had Captain America), and I sure hope that they do a plot like the “Extremis” miniseries.
    I’m certainly willing to give it a shot!)

  3. I’m keeping my fingers very tightly crossed on this one. Interesting cast so far: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard. This has good potential.

    And I’m with you, Gabriel. Too much CGI can pull the viewer out of the experience.

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