Reading The Movies

Well, I finished “Moonraker”. It was pretty good, especially the final suspenseful chapters. Made the disco-era James Bond-meets-Star Wars movie look positively sick.

Moving on, I decided to return to my beloved pulp-era stories. But what to read?

A few months ago, I was browsing a used bookstore and I found the novelization of “Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow“. I picked it up (a steal at only 50 cents) as just a souvenir, really. I thought I was above reading movie novelizations, and had no intentions of reading it.

Sky Captain

As I stood there before my bookshelf last night, I picked up the book and thumbed through it, then read the first chapter. And then it hit me:

Why not? Why not read the damn thing? During the first chapter, I read what I had longed for since seeing the movie: a peek at an expanded “Sky Captain” universe. The chapter mentioned things like the precursors to the Hindenburg III zeppelin (the first one still crashed, but the engineers learned from their mistakes and continued building), and the fact that the Titanic is still sailing in the world of “Sky Captain”. It also included what could have been a cool shot in the movie: other planes from the Flying Legion escorting the zeppelin on it’s final approach to docking with the Empire State Building, each one with a different, personalized paint scheme (a bit Crimson Skies, no?), and a mention of previous foes vanquished by Sky Captain and The Flying Legion. It surprised me, and I decided to read the book. Time will tell if the book will be a truly deeper look into the world as set up by the movie, or just fan-fiction-ish in it’s handling. (Is there any good SCATWOT fan fiction out there? No slashies!)

Looking back now, some movie novelizations I’ve read were handled really well: Darkman’s fragile mental state and graphic injuries were a lot more detailed, more harrowing, Robocop’s fight to reclaim his humanity more sorrowful. They’re not bad, as long as the writer thinks “outside the box”, so to speak.

(By the way, don’t ever read the movie adaptation before you see the movie. I did that with the first “Batman”, and it totally ruined the entire movie for me… I knew what was going to happen, before it happened. I wish I wouldn’t have known that bit about the Joker killing young Bruce Wayne’s parents. That would have been a chilling moment in the theatre.)

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  1. I honestly would love to read a series of novels about Sky Captain before the movie happened…I mean, there’s got to be a great story behind how he got the Legion together to start with! And that island!
    I read several of the spin-off books from the Indiana Jones movies, and they were actually very good. They kept the flavor of the movies and the personality of the characters. The Hollow World adventure was my favorite!

  2. I totally agree. In fact, I’m SHOCKED that nobody has done anything further with the Sky Captain universe. It has so much potential; it really could be more than just a tribute to the golden age of adventure.

  3. Dave is right about the Indy novels. They’re excellent and offer a plethora of film ideas and fan-fics.

    For awhile I was toying around with the idea of writing a quickie piece called Sky Captain and the Doomed Man (involving a ghostly WW1 German fighter ace in San Fran) but I misplaced my memory stick with the preliminary notes on it. I know I didn’t lose because I’m looking at it right now. Alongside 30 other unlabelled memory sticks.

    (Is there any good SCATWOT fan fiction out there? No slashies!)

    THANK YOU. Slash fiction is the LOWEST OF THE LOW in fan fiction. It’s @#$%-ing wretched and wholly unnecessary.

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