Our YouTube Weekend

My wife and I are still sick. We spent the weekend huddled together in front of the computer in a Vicks vapo-rub haze, breathing through our mouths. What did we do all that time? We watched YouTube, the greatest time-killer of all.

We laughed: if you’ve ever played “Metal Gear Solid” on the original PlayStation, you’ll probably appreciate “Metal Gear Awesome”. And we spent half of our weekend watching funny animal clips.

We cried: she discovered a series of two videos of some asshole beating a dog to death! It was muzzled and at the end of a short leash and this guy was just killing it. The second video just showed the dog as it died, quivering in a pool of it’s own blood. This outraged us, and Annie took steps to get this monster taken off YouTube completely. It’s just a shame we couldn’t have gotten our hands on him…


We scratched our heads in utter bewilderment: we found videos by
this guy. Be warned: it’s very weird, and if you take it upon yourself to watch more of his videos, it only gets stranger. As one YouTube commenter put it: “If this guy doesn’t scream ‘Buffalo Bill’ from Silence Of The Lambs, I don’t know what does”.

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  1. I know that weirdo. he used to come to an industrial/new wave night I dj’ed in the late 90s. he was so out there that other ppl pointedly avoided him in the club.

    it got so bad one night, I paid the bouncer 300 bucks to throw out him physically

  2. That dude is scarier than most clowns.

  3. Gabriel- Small world, huh? It’s sad: we found that he’s been posting for a long time under different names, and the longer you watch, the less friends he has hanging out with him.

    Retro- “Scarier than most clowns.” Now THAT’S fuckin’ scary.

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