CANADIANS: Now’s The Time To Bomb The Baldwins!


Alec Baldwin… Tsk tsk tsk…

I liked you for far longer than I should have. You were cool back in “Hunt For Red October”, a stone-cold killer in that movie with Demi Moore (the name escapes me). You made “The Shadow”, and although I think you would’ve made a better Harry Vincent, I was OK with your Lamont Cranston. You were one of the funniest hosts on Saturday Night Live (I always made it a point to watch when you were on). Even when you made the news for your tirades on Letterman, your assault on paparazzi, your tantrums on stage, your publicized fights with your ex-wife Kim Basinger: I still liked you in spite of myself.

Now look what you’ve gone and done. That’s your kid, man. I just can’t excuse that. Pretty sad. I was willing to like you when you were just a nut-job; but I can’t excuse an abusive asshole nut-job.


Okay, Canadians. Drop your bombs on the Baldwin compound.

(I hate it when a celebrity I admire falls from grace. What’s next? Harrison Ford beating baby seals to get an erection?)

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  1. WTF?! Holy CRAP. Is he that bitter about the divorce?!

  2. And to think he was The Shadow, too.

  3. Sad. Just sad.

  4. Hey, you don’t know that for a fact! You’re just guessing…aren’t you?

  5. Heard it through the grapevine, Ford.

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