As If Doc Savage Wasn’t Aryan Enough…

I always wondered what the Germans read during the pulp era, and I came across an answer last night.

The Nazi Doc Savage...

Sun Koh was, basically, the Nazi version of Doc Savage. He fell from the sky with no memory but the knowledge of everything. He was determined to lead the Aryan people against the “lesser” races to victory. He gathered a group of assistants and adventured onward. Oh, yeah. He was the heir to the throne of Atlantis, too.

This guy is a bit of an odd find. As the second link above states, Sun Koh is “a dark mirror” of the standard, American pulp heroes. Like Doc Savage, he is an adventurer, a master of all skills and knowledge, travelling around the world in search of adventure, etc. The only problem is, of course, is that he’s a Nazi. Racist, sexist, and fascist, he kills anyone who would stand in the way of German superiority.

A total ass, in other words.

Makes me think a crossover with this character and another pulp hero would be great. However, I’m sure that nobody, not even Doc, would be able to resist killing him.

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  1. I think a fan fic would be in order. Have the Shadow team up with someone (maybe Doc himself?) to hunt and kill him. Maybe the Red Phantom can help… *chuckle*

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