A Little Help, Please?

I need a favor from anybody who visits my blog. It’s simple: I need to know if you guys can see the links in my posts. For example, in my latest post below (“As If Doc Savage Wasn’t Aryan Enough…”), the words “Sun Koh” and “the Nazi version of Doc Savage” are links. Can you tell just by looking? I like the format of this template, but the links should be in a drastically different color than the regular text, or at least underlined or highlighted automatically. What say you, people? Should the Dummy make the move to yet another blog template or what?

Gimme some feedback please, I’m dyin’ out here!

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  1. I can see the links fine. Plus when you mouseover them, they are underlined. (I’m looking at it through Safari 2.0 on Mac OS X.)

    If you’re curious about how the page looks on a variety of browsers, check out Browsershots.org. It’s pretty useful for tweaking formats.

  2. I can see them. But if you want to change the color, it can be done without moving to a new template.

  3. Can you edit the template directly? try putting the and (obviously w/o the periods) in the HTML directly, on either end of a certain word. as for the color.. try this Zombies

  4. ARH. I just noticed direct codes, EVEN WITH minor cosmetic changes to the text doesn’t help. going to email you directly

  5. Thanks, everyone. I’m working on it. I appreciate the feedback.

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