Is This The End Of The Crimson Skies Universe? Oh, The Humanity…

I visited the Crimson Skies Universe website today and received a shock:

“April 3, 2007 – The official Crimson Skies community website and forums will be decommissioned in May 2007.
Following the date of decommisssioning, the site and forums will be offline permanently. Please check this page for updated decommissioning date.
It has been an honor to bring you these high-flying adventures, and we hope that you have enjoyed your visits to the Crimson Skies Universe!”

I discover this only one day after my post about pulp video games, and it saddens me a bit. The Crimson Skies games were a shining beacon of hope, letting me know that somewhere, someone was still thinking about the era of high adventure. My hope is that Microsoft is working on a new CS game, and they will be coming back stronger one day. My fear is that CS will be just another fond memory in my pulp-gamer’s mind. The website is (er, was) a very cool place to go and read some terrific pulp-pastiches set in the CS alternate universe, and to read and view information about the pilots, planes, technology, and factions of the 1930’s that never was. Kind of a proto-“Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow” universe.

And apart from being a game with strong pulp atmospherics, it’s also just a great game. I remember playing through “CS: High Road To Revenge” on XBox the first time, how I grinned like an idiot all the way through, and how I started the game over as soon as I finished it! This hadn’t happened since I played “Metal Gear Solid” for Playstation, waaay back in 1997. And I usually hate flying games. It’s just fun, and I highly recommend it to any gamer that hasn’t played it yet.

As for the CS canon, here’s hoping that there’ll be a rebirth of sorts in the future. I’ll want to fly the unfriendly skies again one of these days.

I'm going down...

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  1. Seeing as how FASAsoft is developing the Shadowrun game for the 360, I doubt CS will stay the same. The SR game is *nothing* like the great tabletop RPG or the SNES and Genesis RPGs which very much like said pen & paper games.

  2. I gotta “keep hope alive”. At least the websites for the original game ( and for the XBox version ( are still up.

  3. I was watching gameplay footage of Crimson Skies and i’m wondering why it seeemed so familiar.

    Then it hit me. Disney’s Tail Spin cartoon from the very early 90s. prop planes, sky pirates…

  4. Oh before I forgot. You might dig this site.

  5. I’m such a schmuck. I should really organize my posts and everything. This oxy-whatever medication for my arm is making me all loopy like.

    anyway, see if you get Heroes of the Pacific. It’s a GREAT WW2 aerial shooter. Lots and lots and lots and I mean LOTS of enemy fighters on screen at once. Flak shells going off all around you, Zeroes chasing after you, bullets tearing into your fuselage. Action so intense you’ll find yourself cursing off Tojo.

    The first time I went online was a blast. I was Blackhawk and what room do I happen to see…?

    Pulp Aces!

    I login and I see: Cmdr. Cody, F. Gordon, Rckteer, G8, SkyCpt, EnemyAce1968.

    Serendipity works in amazing ways.

  6. Heroes of the Pacific is a fun game. It’s on my to-buy list.

    As far as those retro-gamer handles: awesome. It’s like seeing an invisible secret society at work.

    Nice to know there’s more of us out there 🙂

  7. By the way, when I started playing Crimson Skies on XBox, I had to create a player profile. Who am I? The Dark Eagle, what they called The Shadow in WWI.

  8. Man, Crimson Skies was the reason I bought an Xbox! It’s great fun. (So is Heroes of the Pacific, which is a bit more challenging.)

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