“Lost” Weekend

My wife and I usually have three-day weekends, but Monday night we ate some bad Chinese food and ended up taking Tuesday off as well. This was the capper to an otherwise uneventful, lazy weekend. We mostly sat around watching a rented season 2 of “Lost”. We have discovered the show very late, of course, chalking up all the good reviews up to hype. But we’re addicted now, and it feels good to be able to share a sci-fi show with someone who usually hates sci-fi. We even cheer (Locke and Sawyer) and hate (Jack and Ana Lucia) the same characters. And I get such a kick out of the show because it reminds me so much of “The Prisoner”.

Oh, and we finally watched “Borat”, and nearly soiled ourselves in hysterics. Happy times!

And thanks to The Retropolitan‘s Monday post, I reactivated a long-dormant earworm and proceeded to sing the theme from “Super Fuzz” (a song with totally incoherent lyrics) incessantly. It’s like a weird, aural virus… with ’70’s style synthesizers!

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