Generation Gap

According to a Time Magazine article this week, comics-scribe Frank Miller learned a lesson about heroes from the 1962 Rudolph Mate movie “The 300 Spartans”. In the article, he says he was 5 at the time and had to confer with his father that the good-guys were indeed dying on the screen.

He says: “I stopped thinking of heroes as being the people who got medals at the end or the key to the city and started thinking of them more as the people who did the right thing and damn the consequences.”

I learned the same lesson at the movies as a kid, too.

The movie that tought me that heroes can die, too?

“The Transformers: The Movie”.

Sad, really. Just sad.

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  1. I know someone from New Jersey who has Optimus Prime tattoed on his calf. You couldn’t be as sad as that.

  2. I have The Shadow tattooed on my left upper arm. But that’s not sad, it’s awesome. 😉

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