Weird Dream Number 2

(This is just a fragment of a longer dream. I had been dreaming for some time when this section happened, and I woke up right afterward.)

I was in a rainy city courtyard, filled with dumpsters and dead plants. One alleyway led off towards a street, and I could hear the sounds of traffic in that direction.

I was walking through this courtyard, when something over by the wall caught my attention. I walked over to see what the small bundle was, and discovered it was a prosthetic leg (from the knee down) clad in denim and wearing a ratty tennis shoe.

A short scuffing sound caught my attention then, off to the side. I turned my head and saw a long, dark hallway off to the side. At the end of this hallway, I saw a hobbling, one legged old man. He was in conversation with a group of four younger men. They were tall and thin and bald. Light was coming in from the other side of the hallway; this light obscured their features so all I could see was their silhouettes.

When I saw them, their conversation stopped, and they all turned their heads towards me- mechanically and at the same time- as though an unspoken signal passed through them. The phrase “hive mind” comes to me now.

The older man made a small hop towards me with his remaining leg. His voice, hoarse and feeble, called to me.

“Sir…” Another shaky hop-step. “Sir…”

I backed up a step. Two. The old man halted. There was about 3 seconds of stillness.

Then, the younger men started running toward me down the hallway. It was a frantic, staggering run, feral.

I turned around and tried to run, tripped over a garbage can, regained my feet. But where would I run to?

I could no longer find the alley that led to the street.

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