Fade To Gray

Beard Dye!

Beard dye. I refuse to use it.

I have had a goatee since my first girlfriend broke up with me waaaay back in 1995. Before that, I was clean-shaven. See what a heart-break can do? Turned me into “Evil Spock”.

Evil Spock!

My current permutation of facial hair I have come to call “the Shiwan Khan” (small mustaches at the corner of my lip, long, pointy goatee on my chin). I call it this as opposed to “the Fu Manchu”, because “Fu Manchu” now somehow means “gay biker mustache.” I’ll probably change it again soon, back to just the normal goat-stache combo.


Over the course of the last two years, I began to see them there on my chin.

Gray hairs.

At first, I wasn’t too concerned about them. I thought they looked “distinguished”. But lately, I’ve noticed that more people are calling me “sir”. I don’t get carded anymore when I buy my wife’s cigarettes.

I’m starting to look my age. And while I’m a guy and guys aren’t supposed to feel this way about getting older, it’s happening. I can’t deny it. Gotta live with it and move on.

And I’m kinda hoping my temples will get gray. Then I’ll take up smoking cigars, maybe lose an eye. Then, who knows…

Nick Fury!

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