Jeeves, More Ice Cream And Root-Beer!

Okay, this weekend was cool.

This was the four-day weekend I have previously touted as “Xmas: Reloaded”.(okay, five-day weekend, as we took an extra day off). My wife and I got our paychecks as well as our year-end bonus checks, so we were rolling in the dough.

Okay, to be fair, we didn’t go crazy with our temporary wealth. Not right away. We got bills paid, repairs on our SUV, important stuff for our house, etc. Then we got a completely new computer (because our old one was too old for high-speed connections), printer, desk, etc. This was mostly done so that we can now do some of our work from home… but the first thing we did was spend a whole evening looking for crazy Japanese game-show clips on YouTube. Good times. Jaw-droppingly absurd good times.

All this barely dented our money supplies, so we went shopping. A butt-load of new clothes, DVDs, books, and video-games later, and we STILL have a ton of money. Nice.

And before you think we’re being selfish and greedy with this money, consider that as long as my wife and I have been together (8 years in September), we have never been able to spend any large amounts of money frivolously for ourselves. There has always been an emergency or something hugely pressing and important within our families around this time of year. This year, we’re doing extremely well (knock on wood), and so we could afford to cut loose finally and enjoy ourselves.

So, we got to live like the idle rich for a few days, and believe me: we totally deserved it. 🙂

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  1. Time to get a subscription to the new Shadow and Doc Savage reprints.

  2. And those are the books I mentioned! Well, I only got The Shadow subscription, because A)I have most of the Doc Savage Bantam reprints (even though there is some omissions in them) and B)I plan to buy only the Docs that have a story I don’t have. Reading Docs are more important than collecting Doc stuff for me, unlike the Shadow stuff, where I’ll buy anything I can get my hands on.

    Plus, I got a subscription to Adventure House’s “High Adventure” pulp reprints. PLENTY of pulp in my house now.

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