Begin Aging Process Now

Well, it’s happened. That moment I knew would eventually come has arrived.

A popular song from my youth is on the oldies channel.

My wife and I were driving around the other night. We don’t listen to the oldies channel often, but for the hell of it we had it on.

And there, sandwiched between “Calendar Girl” and “The Twist”, was Toto’s “Africa”. I distinctly remember playing with my Voltron toys in my childhood bedroom with that song on the radio and it was only a year or two old.

What the fuck? Am I really that old? Could it be?

I hope they play A Flock Of Seagulls next!

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  1. “Africa” is the most epic-sounding song that’s not actually epic. A lot of eighties songs were like that, come to think of it.

    “Silent Running,” by Mike & The Mechanics, for one. And of course “Final Countdown.”

  2. SIDENOTE: I would probably remove my unaltered email address from the sidebar, if I were you. Spammers and their spider software get email addresses like that real quick.

  3. Thanks, Retro. There’s a reason this place is called “Professional Dummy” 🙂 And yeah, epic 80’s songs are great. Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” is the pinnacle for me (and not just for the “Miami Vice” connection). And, of course, the occasional song by Journey.

  4. IN THE AIR TONIGHT is one of the greatest songs. EVER.

  5. I agree. And the urban legends surrounding it (although untrue) just make it BADDER ASSED.

  6. Not only is “In The Air Tonight” featured in “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories” for PSP, but Phil Collins is in the game, too.

    How bad-assed is THAT?!

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