Three letter word

Quit staring at my sock-less feet, pal!

As I’ve mentioned previously, Miami Vice (the TV series) is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s one of the reasons that “Vice City” is my favorite of the Grand Theft Auto games, and it’s got an ass-kicking synth-y theme song. I grew up a cop’s son, and we watched the show every time it was on. I liked the show, it was comedy for my dad: how the hell could a vice cop afford Ferraris, Armani suits, and a swank sailboat? My dad drove a Ford pick-up, wore jeans and t-shirts to work, and we lived in a tiny little suburban house. Tres chic!

Anyway, as I watch the show on DVD from the comfort of luxurious Dummy House, I have come to a conclusion: “Pal” must have been an insult at some time in the 80’s. At least, that’s the conclusion that one could come to after listening to Don “Sonny Crockett” Johnson and Phillip Michael “Ricardo Tubbs” Thomas. Whenever they’re face to face with a “scumbag” or “sleazeoid” (actual police terms, I believe), they always use that term: “pal”. It’s like a drinking game almost.

Crockett: “Listen here, pal. You were busted with half a key of Colombian flake. You’re looking at hard time, scuzzbucket.”

Criminal: “Scuzz… what?”

Tubbs: “You heard him, slimeball. We’re talkin’ 25 years, pal. In the slammer. You know why they call it ‘the slammer’, pal?”

Criminal: “Wow, your suit’s so shiny.”

Crockett and Tubbs: “Shut your face, pal!”


I guess it sounded so much tougher in those pre-“NYPD Blue” days. That show made it OK for TV cops to run around without pants, shouting “asshole!” and “douchebag!”, which I don’t remember my dad doing at all.

Well, not pants-less, anyway.

(EDIT: Since this post, 2 people have found my blog by searching the web for “Colombian flake”. What’cha up to, pals?)

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