Hollywood Loves / Hates Me

There has been a yo-yo effect between Hollywood and me, lately.

-First, the remake of “Revenge of the Nerds” is scrapped… Woo-hoo!

-Then, someone decides to remake John Carpenter’s “The Thing” (outrage!)

-Then, the pulp Gods smile upon us as Sam Raimi announces a new Shadow movie! (Nerdgasms ensue)

-Now, AMC is remaking “The Prisoner” in a contemporary setting. (Why remake it at all? Why repaint the Mona Lisa?)

What’s next? A new, more faithful “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (that would be sweet)? A remake of “Duel” starring Ashton Kutcher (ugh)?

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  1. I’m all for remakes. I never understood what the uproar is about. It’s not like a crappy remake will cause every remaining print of the original to melt — no matter how extraordinarily unnecessarry the remake may be. (Like “The Thing.”)

    And every once in a while, you get goodness like the new “Dawn of the Dead.”

  2. I don’t hate remakes as a concept. Hell, with “Dawn of the Dead” and “King Kong”, we were shown that remakes can be just as good or better than the originals. What I hate is when Hollywood decides to strip out all the atmosphere and plot from the original, then fills it up with empty, crowd-gathering come-ons (like pretty, flash-in-the-pan stars or needless teenager-slaughter). Then, someone comes along and doesn’t care to check out the original. It offends my artistic-sensibilities, if I have any.

    Wow, I-sure-am-a-fan-of-hyphens-today!

  3. […] I must be psychic. […]

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