The Death Of Sanity In The Workplace

Call center

I work in a call center. It is a soul-crushing experience sometimes. When there’s a certified moron on the other end of the phone, threatening you with violence, legal action, and/or the termination of your job, it gets a bit wearying, especially at this time of year, when people want something for a gift to arrive by yesterday. I talk, literally, all day. Somedays, when quitting time comes, I go home and don’t say a word for, like, 2 hours, I have carpal tunnel, and my eyes (always 20/20 in the past) go blurry on me sometimes now. Why don’t I get another job? Because I likes it so murch…

But anyway, in the past, I was able to escape in some small way. For the longest time, I sat at the same seat. It wasn’t assigned, but it was mine because I got there before most of the other people on my shift. And, like others in my position, I decorated my desk to my liking. A montage of Shadow trading cards rests next to a big picture of Christopher Guest from “This Is Spinal Tap”, a small shrine exists to “King Kong” (’33 and ’05) next to a picture of The Velvet Underground with William Shatner and David Hasselhoff faces pasted over the band members. When some a-hole began to lay into me for something that is totally his fault, I would stare into my universe of pop-culture faces and sweetly zone out. It was my sanctuary, a mental place I could go to to escape.

Now, that seat is no more. With the influx of holiday hires, I’m lucky to find a seat when I get to work. My chair is taken up by some cold-ridden new hire who has begun to put his stuff up over mine, and, realisticly, my sanctuary is no more.

So, I have to take down those pictures that brought me solace, that took me away from the other end of the phone. And instead of my wonderful mosaic of soothing (to me) images, from now on all I’ll be seeing is this beyond my computer:


Incidently, a “morale survey” is coming up soon for us to take.


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